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Padel Experience

Welcome to Padel experience!

Have a special sport experience with us, improve your padel level and enjoy the city!

Choose your dates, we can offer you from a weekend to the days that you need, we can adjust to your needs.

Sportcity facilities

Welcome to one of the biggest facilities in Spain with 20 indoor and 10 outdoors courts!

You can also enjoy our restaurant and terrace, gym, etc.


We’ll help you to improve your technique, real game situation, training analysis, Master Class with our best players and a video record of your improvements.


Weekend padel experience 





For more info, contact with us, please: info@sportcityvalencia.com


Jorge Pascual Gonz√°lez

  • Sports director of Sportcity Valencia
  • Former professional player (prior to the World Padel Tour)
  • Valencian national team player 3 consecutive years
  • Runner-up of University Spain
  • Autonomous University Champion 2 consecutive years
  • Participation in international tournaments: Dubai, Greece, Germany, etc.
  • Padel Monitor title at the national level and with great experience in classes, exhibitions and clinics
  • Referee Judge title at national level
  • Bachelor of Science and Physical Activities
  • Master in management and direction of sports companies


Carlos Pel√°ez Su√°rez

  • Padel coach at Sportcity Valencia
  • Player of the competition team of the Catholic University of Valencia
  • Representation in the Spanish University Championship
  • Participation in tournaments throughout the Valencian Community in addition to some international FIP tournament
  • Experience in classes and clinic
  • Currently studying the degree of Science of Physical Activity and Sport at the UCV





Jorge Chacón Aldavero

Entrenador padel Sportcity

  • Padel coach at Sportcity Valencia
  • Graduated in Intermediate Degree of Physical Activity (Technician in Guide in the Natural Environment and Free Time)
  • Light sailing course
  • 440 hours in Internships in Adai Projects
  • Working 1 year as a monitor and support with children with disabilities
  • Graduated in Higher Degree of Physical Activity (Higher Degree of Professional Training in Sport and Physical Activity) (380 hours in Practices in Sportcity Valencia)
  • Padel tournament player in the Valencian Community
  • National Clinics. With players like Andres Britos and Max Moreau



David Soriano Ibarra

Entrenador P√°del Sportcity

  • Sportcity school sports coordinator
  • Padel instructor certified by the APA (Argentine Padel Association)
  • Padel coach for the Padel Federation of the Valencian Community
  • More than 10 years of experience in classes and schools
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport
  • Master¬īs Degree in Teacher Training for Secondary, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. Sepecialty: Physical Education and Sports





√ďscar Calleja

  • Sports manager at Sportcity Valencia with more than 10 years of experience in the sector
  • Degree in Engineering and Master in Management and Direction of Sports Facilities and Entities from the San Jorge University (Zaragoza)
  • Currently studying MBA and Master in Project Management at Instituto de Negocios ISEB (Barcelona)
  • Sports consultancy and advice for paddle clubs nationwide
  • Implementation and development of the M3 P√°del Academy methodology (Madrid)
  • National Padel Referee Judge by the Spanish Padel Federation
  • Coordination and organization of sporting and business events¬†



Can we visit your facilities?

All the details of our facilities and services offered can be consulted on our website www.sportcityvalencia.com. Padel Experience users will have access to all the facilities and services provided. Should you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us (write an email: info@sportcityvalencia.com or call us (+34) 961 12 03 50)

Is it required to have a specific level to participate?

There is no restriction on level or age. We have a team of qualified professionals to assess the level of each player and thus, form groups according to level.

Which language is spoken in training?

English, on and off the court.

Can I go with a companion?

We adapt to the needs of each person. If you wish to travel with a companion who does not participate in our padel course, you can email us (info@transviasport.com) so as to seek suitable accommodation.

What do I need to bring?

First and foremost, excitement and the desire to live a different experience thanks to padel. Our sports team is responsible for sending all the necessary information and items in advance, before starting the stage.  

Is there a store where we can buy sports equipment? 

Yes, there is. Thanks to the top brand Bullpadel, we have everything you need to play padel. On top of that, we are the official club of the brand, so we have the latest collection of both rackets and clothes.   

Does it offer an airport shuttle bus? How far is it?

Yes, transfers are included. The sports centre is 14 km from Valencia airport.

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